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Small portions to taste new flavors and share with friends. Think tapas!


Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken 鹹酥雞

Juicy chicken thigh cubed and deep fried. coated with our special Taiwanese white pepper blend.


Popcorn King Oyster 鹹酥菇

Local Fiddlehead Knob King Oyster mushroom, cubed and deep fried. coated with our special Taiwanese white pepper blend.


Cheese Curd Wonton 起司餛飩

Local Cannon Belles cheese curds wrapped in crispy wonton wrappers. Served with our house-made kewpie ranch.


Braised Pork and Rice 瓜子肉飯

Minced pork braised with soy pickles, short grain rice. With love from mom's kitchen.


Black Pepper Steak Cubes 骰子牛

Cubed New York strip grilled and torched just like the night markets. Served with house made black pepper sauce.


Sweet Potato Fries 甘梅薯條

Crispy sweet potato fries coated with thumb-sucking delicious plum powder.


Taiwanese Sausage Plate 台式香腸切盤

Your choice of original or mala. Local Taiwanese Sausages grilled up and served with thinly sliced garlic.


Cucumber Salad 涼拌小黃瓜

Garlicky cucumber salad with rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil.


Not Your Basic Hummus 鷹嘴豆泥

Super creamy hummus with a twist! Furu, toasted sesame paste, chickpea, garlic, chili oil. Served with fresh vegetables for dipping.



"ChurroTiao" 油條吉拿棒

Inspired by The Brothers Sun on Netflix, we're mixing traditional Chinese YouTiao- a deep fried dough with cinnamon sugar. This is a true fusion and it's addictive.


Sesame Balls 芝麻球

A classic street food or dimsum item. Crispy, airy, slightly chewy sesame ball filled with sweet adzuki bean fillings.


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